Why Won't the Pain Go Away?
Pain is a necessary component of life. Pain comes at us when we are heading in the right direction and the wrong direction. If you're on the road to success there will be pain. If you're on the road to failure there will be pain. The challenge for those in recovery is choosing which pain we want. 
Why is Addiction So Hard to Overcome?
Addiction recovery requires a new way of thinking. The mind must be renewed. People who struggle with addictions are trapped in old and toxic ways of thinking that are embedded deep in the brain. New ways of facing life must be introduced and practiced. 
Good Mental Health is a Choice
 Often, we like to believe that our mental health is driving our decisions, however the reality is that you and I choose the mental health condition we are in. Our choices determine our destiny.
No Slave to Sin
God’s Word reminds us that as Christians we are no longer slaves to sin. Through Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, sin has been defeated. However, many Christians wonder, “then why am I still stuck in my sin, my addiction, my anxiety, my anger, my lust?”
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