Can We Discuss My Options

Passage: John 6:53-69

Before I continue to 2 John and my walk through the epistles this passage from the Gospel of John came up in conversation with a good friend yesterday while discussing a fellow brother finding himself discouraged while following Jesus. And quite frankly I can find myself feeling some of the same. Even while being confident that we are walking in the will of God for our lives it does not make us exempt from the weight of this world and the impact of some very real emotions.

While watching their new business, K.O.H., explode Pete and his associates were certain that there was nothing that could stop them from seeing success that only a short time ago would have been beyond their wildest dreams. Their numbers were growing exponentially it seemed by the hour. When out of nowhere their founder and CEO sent out a memo stating that if the company was going to see all he intended it to see, there was going to have to be great sacrifices made by all the employees and he would lead by example and forgo his bonuses and salary for the next year. And anyone wanting to see the vision of their CEO come to fruition would be expected to do the same.

Upon the release of his memo there was a mass exodus within the company, including employees and financial backers. It was sure to be catastrophic and harming the forward movement of K.O.H.  Finding their way to the board room, Pete and the original 12 men that were there at the start up found their CEO sitting very calmly in is normal place.

“I suppose you all have come here to turn in your resignation too?” Very quietly all 12 made their way to their seats and sat down. And with a little smile on his face Pete said “No.” While he looked around at the 12, “we believe in you. We can’t say that it is without concerns but to be honest none of us could ever imagine pursuing any other endeavor. And more importantly, there is no one else that we would want leading us. ``

When I find myself in a situation that seems to be utterly hopeless. When the ever-mounting emotional pressure is too much to possibly bear. When I start to contemplate options in my life, and potentially stepping away from what I am so sure is God's will for my life. When I weigh that emotional pressure I just spoke of on the scales against the pressure and pain I not only have in years past put myself through, but also many of those I care so deeply for and I find myself saying those same words “Pete” said in John 6:68 “Lord, to whom shall I go…. “ and verse 69 “... I have come to believe AND KNOW that you are the Christ! The Son of The Living God!”

It may be discouraging where I find myself sometimes. There may be significant obstacles and legitimate mental and emotional strains pressing down on me from the circumstances of life in this world. It may take every ounce of strength I have to put myself to sleep and not run and then put my feet on the floor the next day to face it all again!! But, I have come to believe AND KNOW!!!! The Son of the Living God!!! And if it means I must drink from the same cup He drank in order to ensure I never see the darkness ONLY HE leads me out of? Then by all means, let me consider it Pure Joy when I suffer all kinds of trials, that i can proclaim the praises of His Glorious Name!!

Know your options.

Know that there really are none.

Just One.  

To know Him, and make Him known!

- Mike

Mike Andersen is a graduate of Next Step Recovery Ministries. Mike currently serves as a teacher at Next Step and helps with various other activities such as community connections, BLOG posts, and various other activities. You can reach Mike at

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