Compromise That Kills

And it came to pass on the way, at the encampment, that the LORD met him and sought to kill him. Exodus 4:24

Compromise in the life of a Christian is a killer! Just ask Moses. This is perhaps one of the most interesting verses in the Bible and it reveals how much God hates compromise in the life of a child of God. God expects our complete obedience to Him in all areas of our lives.

In chapters 3-4 of Exodus we have watched Moses question God about the mission God has for Moses. He moved from the uncertainly of God’s call in his life to confront Pharaoh in order to lead the nation of Israel out of 400 years of slavery to complete unwillingness. Moses kindled the anger of God.

Finally, Moses is on the move for God. He packs up his wife and children and sets toward Egypt to face off with Pharaoh. But God is not done confronting Moses. God is still getting sin and rebellion out of the man He has called to do this impossible job. Sin and compromise are great roadblocks to our success in life. If Moses is going to succeed, God needs Moses to be “clean.”

So, God has one more confrontation with Moses on his way to Egypt and the consequences are harsh! If Moses does not comply, God will kill him. What if God told you that if you do not get that small compromise out of your life, He will destroy you. That’s how much God hates your sin and rebellion.

What was Moses’ sin? What is it that would cause God to kill Moses? Apparently, Moses failed to circumcise his sons. For the Jewish people, circumcision was a sacred event—a representation of His covenantal promise to Israel. To not carry it out was disobedience to God. It was compromise. Moses may have had many reasons for not circumcising his sons. He was no longer living in a Jewish culture. His wife was not born a Jew and perhaps opposed the very act. But that did not matter to God. No matter what, God expects our complete obedience to Him.

The mission God had for Moses was serious. He needed everything Moses had. No compromise. No holding back. Our success depends on our willingness to follow God with every detail of our lives. Moses was still holding back. He was not “all in.”

Where will your small compromises and sin lead you? Moses was heading straight to death. For you it may be the loss of a job, a home, family, friends, vehicles, and the list goes on. The choices we make are up to us, but the consequences are not.