Filling Up Your Joy Tank!

And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.      1 John 1:4

Joy is essential to the Christian life—so much so that Jesus consistently spoke of this idea of joy the night before His terrible crucifixion. My joy was on His mind as the cross stood before Him.  Why?  Because Christ understood that joy was based on a relationship with Him, while happiness depends on the circumstances of this world.  Circumstances come and go therefore happiness comes and goes.  That’s why many people ride emotional roller coasters. But Christ is eternal—the believer can have joy in all circumstances at all times.  So John writes “these things unto you, that your joy may be full.”

Jesus is Real and Accessible! In Verse 1 John tells me that Jesus is real! John was an eyewitness. He was there.  Christ is the eternal One whom he heard with his own ears, he physically saw Christ with his own eyes; he studied (looked upon Him) with his own mind, and touched Jesus with his own hands.  John is telling us that God (the Word) became completely accessible to man. Jesus is the Word and still accessible to us today through that same Word.  Stick to it and your joy will be full! Jesus is Relationship. In Verse 2 John tells us that God the Father desires an eternal relationship with me and that relationship is manifested or established through His Son Jesus Christ. The love between God the Father and God the Son is perfect and before the creation of the universe it was the only love that existed (see John 17:24). God extends that same relationship to me—but I must receive it. Jesus Provides the Resources. Once I receive the salvation and blessings of Christ, I can then enter into fellowship with Him and other believers. The idea of fellowship here means to have all things in common.  In Christ I have all things in common with Him and other believers.  To men of John’s day a personal relationship and fellowship with God was a shocking concept.  Jesus Christ was a revolutionary!  Not only can I call God “Father,” but also Christ is a real, breathing, and a personal Savior with whom there is real fellowship!  People turn from God because they feel distant or disqualified. I must understand that nothing could be further from the truth.  God has done everything—He has provided all the resources to make this relationship possible for everyone.  I must commit to it!

The result of this fellowship with God is the fullness of His JOY!  If you have lost your joy, don’t just sit there—do something about it! Do everything you can to draw close to Him.  You have His Word—dig in it.  You have fellowship with other believers—get to church, Sunday school, visit their homes, invite them to your home, and get involved. You have all the resources you will ever need for everlasting joy—but you must use them!  Fill up that Joy tank and live a glorious life in fellowship with Christ!

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