There is a dangerous philosophy in our world today that many in the psychological world refer to as dualism.  Dualism in the classical sense means that human beings have both a mental state and a physical state.  The brain is a part of the physical body however the mind contains or presents the mental state of man.  In the Garden of Eden, Adam was created in the image of God with body, soul (mind), and spirit.  Man was created as a trinity and God is the Trinity.  However, the fall of man into sin caused not only physical death but also spiritual death for man and this death spread to all men (Genesis 3:15 and Romans 5:12). Man was cast into dualism in the classical and biblical sense. However, the world today has once again taken a biblical issue and turned  or corrupted it in order to justify sinful and perverted actions, especially in the arena of same sex marriage, transgenderism and a host of other behaviors that not only run contrary to the Word of God, but to nature itself.

Historical Teaching of Dualism: During the Apostle Paul’s ministry, he diligently fought to keep the false teaching of Gnosticism out of the church. Gnosticism was perhaps the most dangerous heresy spreading in the early church as it separated body and soul (mind).  They taught that the body or anything material was completely wicked and evil and could not be trusted and that the spirit was pure and good. Therefore, Gnostics taught that anything done in the body, even the most vile and disgusting sin, was of little meaning or consequence, therefore, anything done in the flesh was acceptable.  Gnostics saw themselves as a privileged class of people, maintaining a higher knowledge of God than others, as they radically pushed this teaching on Christians.  Plato was very influential in Gnostic teaching which was essentially a corrupt form of dualism.

Modern Teaching of Dualism: Plato and Gnostics continue to influence this form of dualism today amongst our psychologists, college campuses, and public schools.  They teach that since the mind is non-physical the mental state can exist outside of and separate from the physical state.  How far can one take this?  The culture today reflects the absurd lengths to which we can manipulate such a strange philosophy.  My body (matter) is biologically a man, but my mind is telling me I’m a woman, therefore today I am a woman.  My body is biologically an adult, but my mind is attracted to small children, therefore I can molest small children.  My body is biologically a woman, but my mind tells me to dress and act like a man.  I can now justify men in ladies’ dressing rooms, locker rooms, and showers.  Opposition to these positions is deemed unintelligent and bigoted.  Multiple dangerous scenarios can play out under this form of dualism.

God’s Cure for Dualism: God designed man to function as one unit in three forms (a trinity). Here’s how the trinity operates. God communicates to our spirit (for a Christian) through His Word, the Bible, prayer, preaching and teaching. The spirit then communicates to the soul (mind), and the body then walks in obedience to soul’s direction.  For the person who is not a Christian there is no ability for God to communicate to the soul through the spirit, since their spirit is dead. The only thing that can be communicated to the non-Christian are the influences of the world. Whatever the world feeds the soul (mind) of the non-Christian that’s what will be carried out in the body.  These can be good things if the person has been exposed to good things, they just won’t be God things.  In either case for the Christian or non-Christian, whatever is communicated to the soul (mind) is directly connected to and carried out by the body.  Soul (mind) and body are inseparable.  In Romans 12:1-2 we are directed to present our bodies a living sacrifice to God and to not conform to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind.  The word body in Romans 12:1-2 refers to the entire being of a man (physical body, soul, and spirit). The mind and body simply cannot be separated.  If the body is going to act it is going to do so through the direction of the mind.  If the mind is filled with corrupt and sinful information, the body will carry our corrupt and sinful actions.

Today, when a human being is born into this world, he or she is born into classical dualism—body and soul (mind, will, and emotions).  Few Christians would doubt or debate this definition and application of dualism. The cure for our dualism is called the Gospel which is Jesus Christ and His death, burial, and resurrection as defined in 1 Corinthians 15.  Because of Adam’s disobedience man was cast into dualism as the spirit died, leaving only body and soul.  Because of Jesus, man can return to the image of God, body, soul, and spirit or a trinity if he repents of his sinful state and receives Jesus Christ as the payment for his sin (Romans 10:9-13).

Don’t buy into the world’s corrupt and unnatural arguments for perversion and harm.  We live in a world consumed with lust, greed, and unnatural sexual experiences that are continually before our eyes on billboards, television, radio, social media, and even in our education system.  Several states are trying to force sexual perversion indoctrination on students against the will of the parents through both public and private education institutions.  Colleges are the worst as liberal professors and administrators allow and even encourage the “anything goes” philosophy on campuses.

We must stick by the Word and God, science, nature, and good common sense if we are going to stand strong in a world that is infected with the lies of Satan.