More Than Peanuts!

Each week the men of the Next Step Men's Home sell boiled peanuts at the intersection of Mercer University Blvd. and Log Cabin Drive in Macon, GA.  Without our peanut sales each week, we simply would not be able to provide the services, help, and hope to men and their families.  Boiled peanut sales keep the doors open at Next Step.  But how often am I reminded that selling peanuts is not the reason we are here.  Next Step exists to reach families who are struggling with addictions and life-crippling decisions. Peanuts are just an avenue by which God gets us out into the streets to reach people each week.

Last Saturday we prepared to once again sell boiled peanuts.  We almost canceled due to the threatening rain storms.  But we prayed and looked at the forecast one more time and decided God would take of the weather.

As we arrived at our location, a deputy sheriff was there awaiting our arrival.  Perhaps he needs to check our permit?  Maybe he wants to make sure we have our reflective gear?  No.  That wasn't it at all.  "We sure appreciate what Next Step is doing in our community.  Thank you for what you all do. Now I need a favor. My son is a heroin addict.  Can you guys go talk to him before it gets worse.  He really needs help."

Wow! Most of the men in our program have seen the other side of law enforcement and jail. Now law enforcement is coming to them for help!  Yes, we sell peanuts every Saturday morning through almost any weather. Some call it fundraising.  We call it serving God.