Ten Truths for Overcoming Addictions, Strongholds, and Negative Thinking

Truth #1: I Am a Child of God; Therefore, I Will Think and Act Like a Child of God

Truth #2: My Past Does Not Define Me

Truth #3: God Has a Specific Purpose for My Life that is Found Through Obedience

Truth #4: I Will Fight for My Recovery Harder than I Fought to Stay in My Addiction

Truth #5: Circumstances Will Not Determine My Attitude; I Will Determine My Attitude

Truth #6: Emotions Will Not Guide My Decisions, But God’s Word and Prayer Will

Truth #7: I Will Live Each Day Like I’m Going into Battle; Unprepared Soldiers Die

Truth #8: I Will Capture and Replace All Ungodly Thoughts and Complaining

Truth #9: Godly Choices Bring Success; Ungodly Choices Bring Failure

Truth #10: Filter and Evaluate All of Life Through the Truths of God’s Word

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