Men's Home Overview

An intense 12-month residential discipleship and mentoring home for men who are struggling with addictions and strongholds, stubborn habits, and other life crippling situations.  The program consists of two 6-month phases.

Phase 1

Phase one provides intense Bible study, group and individual counsel time, community volunteer work, and regular church attendance.  Cost is $200 per month to contribute to food expenses.  Fundraising opportunities by the men will defray other costs.

Phase 2

Phase two occurs in our graduate home.  The men continue in Bible study and counseling, and remain under the accountability of the program with regards to rules, but are given the opportunity to work for compensation while still in the program.  Cost is $200 per month for food expenses, with an additional $100 per week for housing and living expenses.  Fees include housing, utilities, drug/alcohol screening, and reports to court appointed agencies if necessary.

Daily Schedule

Phase One (first 6 months)

6:00 AM: Breakfast

7:00 AM: Morning devotion

8:00 AM: Chores 

9:00 AM: Personal study time

10:30 AM: Class (M, T, Th) or Community work (W, F)

Noon: Lunch (time varies on community work days)

1:00 PM: Class (M, T, Th) or Community work (W, F)

5:00 PM: Supper

6:15 PM: Leave for church (Wed night)

7:00 PM: Next Step meeting (T, Th)

8:00 PM: Close out

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM each Saturday is peanut sales

8:15 AM Leave for church (Sunday)

5:15 PM Leave for church (Sunday)

Phase Two (second 6 months)

Same as Phase One when not a work